Wix is so easy, why do I choose WordPress? Ultimate Comparison between Wix and WordPress

It's like a decision between iOS and Android...

Wix and WordPress are the most two poplular website building tools nowedays. They are just like iOS and Android, have their own pros and cons, have  their own fans, and say their own languages. If you use one for a while, you get stuck and get harder to jump to the other system.

The decision between Wix and WordPress is similar. If you pick one and use it for a while, it’s pretty much too late to switch. So, pease choose carefully before you start.

In this article, I will focus on the big difference between them. Hope this will help you make the right decision before you start your website.

Many newbies choose Wix, usually because…

  1. You can drag and drop to visually compose everything on your site.
  2. Everything is made by one company, Wix, so it has less bugs to deal with.
  3. Its easier to learn.
  4. It may only take few days to make a site.

However, Wix also has it’s cons…

  1. It only has around 300 templates to choose from. And, once you pick one, you will need to stick with it FOREVER. You won’t be able to change your template anymore.
  2. One day, you may have tons of articles, but you won’t be able to Export them out. you can’t save them to your hard drive and can’t move them to other platforms.
  3. I only has 250 APPs in the market, so it’s less flexible (Vs more than 10,000 quality WordPress plugins on the internet)
  4. Hard to make appearance detail customization.
  5. You website may have no future, if Wix is gone one day…
  6. Website is monthly charged, that been said, it may cost even more than WordPress after years of subscription.
  7. You can’t choose your own hosting. If you need more space or better speed, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Many newbies choose to use WordPress, because…

  1. More than thoudsands of premium themes to choose from on the internet.
  2. In the design process, you can still change your theme anytime. Even after few years, switching theme may get harder, but at least still doable.
  3. At least more than 10,000 premium plugins on the internet. So your website has lots of flexibility.
  4. You can control all the design details, if you choose a powerful theme or know a little bit of CSS.
  5. WordPress is open source. It won’t fail or disappear. Your website is always yours, as long as you keep backups.
  6. Cost range is wide. But if your website is relatively small and personal, cost is usually less than Wix.
  7. You can change your hosting anytime you want, so it can also grow with your website.
  8. If you pick the right theme and page builder, you can also enjoy the drag and drop easy-to-use  control for your page layout.

What about WordPress’s cons …

  1. Learning curve is bit deeper than Wix.
  2. Also because it’s wide range of plugin selections, you may install many plugins from different companies, which may cause conflicts and bugs. As a non-programmer, you may need to find a plugin replacement until bug fixed.
  3. It depends on your background, it may take for weeks to months to get your website right and published.
  4. You may need to spend some money to hire a designer to build a site for you, if you don’t want to spend so much time on exploring.

So, Wix or WordPress?

Here Erin listed some scenarios for your reference:

  1. If your website is really small and will only have few static pages to deliver message, I would suggest you to go with Wix. Thus, you choose the cheapest Wix plan and no need to worry about hosting, bugs, updates, etc…
  2. If you plan to post lots of articles and portfolio, then I would suggest to go with WordPress, so you can really own all your hard work.
  3. If you just need a campaign site for a short period of time, Wix might be a good way to go.
  4. If you website is big, and you need lots of customized features and better hosting, then WordPress will be better for you.
  5. If you really care about design details, and would like to change your site look and feel with the design trends, WordPress is better for you.
  6. If you like WordPress, but you don’t have time or buget yet, you can start with an account. Good thing about this is you can always Export the content and transfer them to your new your new site.


Both are good tools! I especially try the latest Wix before I write this article, I really love how easy Wix is!

If I need to conclude the difference between them, I would say…

Do you want to pick a 5-star hotel, monthly pay for your own suite?-Wix


You’d rather to choose  desired location; buy your  desired land; put a Combination house together by reading manuals, and decorate your home with system furniture?- WordPress。

Have you decided which tool to use? Wix or WordPress? Why?


網站帶路姬 / Erin Lin

Hello~我是Erin Lin,美國網頁設計研究碩士,七年美國工作經驗,2012年成立「Erin Lin 網頁設計工作室」專門設計高質感的WordPress網站。2018年五月,開始「WordPress 網站帶路姬」,希望以輕鬆有趣的方式來分享 WordPress 架站教學與資源給不懂程式的新手與創業站長。


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